Learning & Growth
Learning & Growth
We learn together. We are inspire Learners,
our partners and ourselves to evolve through the power of lifelong learning.
In Nazil Group our team always see no limits to what we can achieve By harnessing our individual capabilities and collective.
Data & quick transformations lead us to our innovation. creating an environment learning from our failures and celebrate our successes.
Work hard to achieve success because We invested a lot in our common goals as we grow, our opportunity to make a difference increases.
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Our Vision

Create investment opportunities in educational technology for each Institutions and individuals in the Arab world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote opportunities for positive growth in technology Education and Unleashing Institutions and Individuals to make change.

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We Offer a Wide Variety of IT Products

Educational Resources Production
we put it down Responsibility for the quality of artistic and technical output For educational materials to ensure Commitment to quality standards And for that, it attracted a professional technicals specialized in international standards.
Build & Designing Educational platforms
Nazil has developed advanced educational systems that allow educational institutions to develop their structures and efficiently manage their educational structures.
Manage & Marketing Scientific Events
We provide a professional digital marketing team for event marketing Whether it is by direct contracting or through the hosting service in several ways.

Work Stages at Nazil


Identification work Area


Handle work Scenario


Experimental Version


Feedback and Closing

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We Offer a Wide Variety of IT Services

LMS Development

Nazil kept up with global changes and began to provide quick solutions to link needs and services ...

Integration with LMS

Technically linking all the entity’s systems to the education systems based on the direction and ....

LMS Management

We operate and manage learning management systems and training on it, adding events and manage...

Event Marketing

Nazil provides a professional digital marketing team for marketing events, whether direct contracting..

Customizing LMS

To meet the needs of our customers with high accuracy, Nazil's team analyzes and tests the technical..

Live Broadcasting

Nazil provide live broadcasting services and link with the most famous audio and video seminar..

Developed systems
Students trained
Honorary Award
Use of training platforms
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About our Previous Work

We are a company built in order to bridge the gap between the aspirations and goals of the owners and entrepreneurs and the levels of technical service.
We started working on the latest global technologies.

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Improve and Innovate Customized LMS

We have developed advanced educational platform systems that allow educational institutions to develop their structures and manage their educational structures efficiently.