Education As Determined BY AI

The 21st century, as the Age of Technology, makes technology critical to every part of our lives. Human civilization’s fascination with AI goes back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)is the ability of machines to perform human-specific tasks without human intervention to a degree that is far superior, accurate, and accelerated than had humans performed the tasks.

AI’s Influence On Education

AI’s impact on education is significant as previously closed areas of learning have become mainstream. AI has customized learning for the end-user and has taken over the administrative tasks associated with learning such planning and grading.

In China, AI is used in the learning environment to assess students’ level of understanding by accurately reading emotions from facial muscles and transmitting this data to the teacher and parent in real-time to facilitate an early intervention for problematic areas.


The Future Of Education                                                       

Post-2021, there has been a shift towards the digital campus and e-learning. AI is being used increasingly to introduce students to real-life simulations with a prioritization on emotional skills geared for collaboration and teamwork. By 2024, 47% of learning tools will be driven by AI.

Ai has rendered learning borderless, not restricted by time and space limitations. Course content is ever-evolving and is up-to-date. AI has rendered the educator to a subsidiary role enabling larger classrooms capacities. AI’s greatest impact has been on the evolution of human interaction in education from a rigidly enforced system to one of greater flexibility.

The future of AI in education is as limitless as the human mind can conceive and the future will see advances that will make life easier and more adaptive to individual preferences.


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