Our Vision

Creating investment opportunities in educational technology for all institutions and individuals in the Arab world.

Our Inception​

After a strenuous study in which we spent a lot of time and effort, we spent a lot of mental and intellectual energy in order to calibrate the market and read human capital indicators in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and sort out the attempts that chose to employ technology in the field of education through broadcasting sites and channels And the Internet and other technological means, we found that we in Nazil Alwatania possess the elements of success that go beyond these attempts and make the launch of its services a safe bridge for its customers to achieve their aspirations and goals.

We started to establish the infrastructure for educational technology, then to build learning content management systems and e-learning (LMS) for institutions, companies, organizations of all kinds and entrepreneurs. To contribute to bridging the e-learning gap in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

Now the name of ‘Nazil Alwatania’ is a leading brand in the field of e-learning and support services based on the approach of information technology, software, media services, digital marketing, content writing and educational design, where our record of achievements is full of unique successes in various sectors.

Led by our dedicated team and global best practices, we can help you create uniquely better e-learning.

We are working to increase the ability of our customers to optimally invest in the capabilities and capabilities of their structures, cadres and customers by providing them with advanced technologies and e-learning systems LMS and all technology and software capabilities to develop their business and achieve a competitive advantage that will achieve a leading name in the local and international labor market.

General Manager of Nazil Alwatania

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote opportunities for positive growth in educational technology and unleash organizations and individuals to create change.

Our Philosophy

Nazil a company built in order to bridge the gap between the aspirations and goals of business owners and entrepreneurs and between service levels and technology tools, we work assiduously to bring about convergence between the latest international technologies in the method of building systems and the needs of our customers and the requirements of their success in their local environments. We are a work team representing one family that mixes our work with fun, seriousness of performance and passion for achievement, despite the diversity and differences of our specializations and culture, but we have a dynamic and practical goal that revolves around satisfying our customers.